Gaithersburg Construction Worker Becomes a Lottery VIP

Jose Granados from Gaithersburg is the newest member of the Lottery’s VIP CLUB thanks to a $50,000 win on the $30 ticket.

Wins $50,000 scratching VIP CLUB ticket  

Jose Granados found himself in a Rockville 7-Eleven last week, watching his wife pick out a lottery instant game and smiling when it proved a winner. That happy moment paled in comparison, however, to what happened just a few moments later. The couple was about to join a very exclusive Maryland Lottery club.

“My wife’s winnings were enough for me to buy a game that I had tried a few times with pretty good success,” the 47 year-old construction worker explained to lottery officials. Jose told us that he buys a ticket just about every day when he picks up his wife from work. “It was the VIP CLUB game I had my eye on.  It has a $2 million top prize!”

Scratching his ticket, Jose saw what he thought was a $50 match. “I scanned it, just to be sure and right away saw the $50 prize, followed by a bunch of zeros. It was confusing at first, until I realized that I’d won $50,000.” The Montgomery County couple refused to believe what they were seeing until the clerk confirmed it, which he quickly did. “My wife shouted and jumped up in the air.”

The lottery’s VIP CLUB game debuted last year in February with five $2 million top prizes – one remains. There’s also one more $50,000 second-tier prize still available.

Jose and his wife will be equipping their daughter with a new computer as she prepares to begin college soon. Their VIP CLUB cash will also take care of home repairs, bills and boosting the family’s savings.