Glen Burnie Boilermaker Finds $50,000 Scratch-off Fortune

Claims top prize on Lucky Riches game

An Anne Arundel County man who shares his love of playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs with his mom made his first trip to the Winner’s Circle this week. Noting that she visited about three years ago to claim a $100,000 prize, the Glen Burnie resident decided to make a solo trip to turn in his first $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.

“I’ve won $1,000 two times this year,” he said, but nothing comes close to his win on a $5 Lucky Riches instant ticket. The boilermaker and his mother take turns buying scratch-offs to play together each day, the loyal player said. She actually picked out the $5 instant ticket that gave him a top prize, along with several other games purchased at Doc’s F&B Liquors in Glen Burnie.

They favor $5 and $10 scratch-offs, but have tried their luck with higher-priced tickets such as the $50 50 Years! game, he said. When they sat down to scratch off this batch of games, the experienced player picked up the Lucky Riches instant ticket. He quickly realized he won its top prize and shared the great news with his mom. He plans to put his prize into his savings account.

The Lucky Riches game went on sale in February with eight top prizes; three remain unclaimed. Also awaiting discovery are eight $5,000 prizes and more than 585,000 others ranging from $5 to $1,000.

For its role in our player’s top-prize scratch-off win, the Anne Arundel County retailer earns a bonus of $500 from the Lottery. Doc’s F&B Liquors is located at 7067 B&A Boulevard in Glen Burnie.