Hawaii Honeymoon on Horizon Thanks to $100,000 Scratch-off Win

Baltimore groom-to-be all smiles while claiming big Lottery prize

With the proceeds from a $100,000 Maryland Lottery win on the $30 scratch-off game $100,000 Lucky on his mind, a Baltimore man is contemplating a honeymoon in Hawaii.

He has a wedding date set in October, and his fiancée had something closer to home in mind, but the windfall will allow for consideration of some more distant destinations.

For the moment, the money will be going in the bank, as the couple is in the market for a new home as well.

“I want to make sure my honeymoon is nice,” he said.

The 33-year-old groom-to-be has a standard method for playing Lottery games, which he explained when he visited Maryland Lottery headquarters on July 29 to claim his prize. He enjoys scratch-off games so he picks a retailer and buys his tickets there until he gets a winner. Sometimes it’s a small win. Sometimes it’s $500 or so. But when he was playing about a week before making his claim, it was a lot more.

“I scratched and scanned three tickets, then I scratched this one and scanned it. It said $100,000, so of course I scanned it again! I was expecting maybe $500,” he said, grinning ear to ear.

Sharing in his good fortune is Morgan’s BP gas station at 607 Frederick Road in Baltimore, where he bought the ticket. The store receives a bonus of $1,000, equal to 1 percent of the prize, for selling the ticket.