Howard County Sneaker Lover Gets Sure Footing after $25,000 Lottery Win

Columbia’s “Sneaker Lover” found a $25,000 win on a Pick 5 ticket.

Lucky player wins with Pick 5 quick-pick ticket

Playing a Lottery game wasn’t even on the mind of our latest Pick 5 winner, who selected the nickname “Sneaker Lover” for her Lottery publicity. The Columbia woman was hanging out at home when she received a call from a family member telling her of a surprise that was awaiting her arrival. Only then did our loyal Lottery player set out on the road to good fortune.

The surprise, which was a box of candy, got the 42-year-old to lace up her shoes and hit the trail. On the way to see her surprise, “Sneaker Lover” visited the Waterloo Shell station located at 5651 Waterloo Road in Ellicott City. While there, on a whim, she decided to buy a Pick 5 quick-pick ticket. She placed a 50-cent straight bet in the March 17 evening drawing and won $25,000!

“This can’t be right,” the sneaker aficionado said after checking her ticket with the numbers on the Lottery website. She called her mother to confirm the winning numbers were truly 7, 6, 8, 4 and 4. After that, “Sneaker Lover” yelled, “Mom I won!” In addition to her mother, the lucky winner shared her great news with her sister and some close friends.

“Sneaker Lover” has worked in the field of finance for 15 years. She plans to use her winnings to fund her nest egg for retirement. In addition to her fondness for sneakers, the winner is also a video gamer and overall techie who enjoys having fun with gadgets.

Also in the money is Waterloo Shell. The Howard County Lottery retailer will receive a $250 bonus from the Lottery for its role in selling a $25,000 winning Pick 5 ticket.