Job-Related Stress Leads Player to a Big Lottery Win

Mr. “Stone Cold Money” of Glen Burnie won $50,000 playing FAST PLAY.

Anne Arundel County resident wins $50,000 prize on FAST PLAY Big Win ticket

A Glen Burnie man who nicknamed himself “Stone Cold Money” to tell the story of his $50,000 Lottery win said he always knew he would win big one day playing the Lottery. What he didn’t know is that a stressful day at work would be the catalyst for that prediction coming true. In search of a mental break, he found himself in possession of a lucky FAST PLAY Big Win ticket worth $50,000.

The information technology professional found his stress-relieving ticket at Giant #2312 located at 6626 North Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie. The Anne Arundel County resident visited the store’s Lottery vending machine and bought two $10 FAST PLAY Big Win tickets, a few $10 FAST PLAY Casino Royale tickets and some scratch-offs.

After buying the Lottery tickets and some groceries, “Stone Cold Money” ordered food for lunch. He knew exactly how to kill a 15-minute wait for his food. While in his car, the loyal player scanned all of his tickets using the Maryland Lottery app. All of them were non-winners except for the very last FAST PLAY ticket.

“Oh my God,” exclaimed “Stone Cold Money” once he realized he won the second-tier prize on the FAST PLAY Big Win game. Then, he became speechless. The winner looked around the parking lot to see if anyone was watching him with the ticket. No one was! Soon afterward, he shared the news of his good fortune with his wife, mother and a good friend who is also an avid Lottery player.

Mr. “Stone Cold Money” has worked as an IT professional for the past eight years. He plans to use his winnings to buy a house for his family. When he’s not working or playing Lottery games, he enjoys sports, movies and playing Xbox.

The Big Win ticket went on sale in January with no prizes less than $20. The game still has 23 unclaimed $100,000 top prizes, 19 more $50,000 prizes, 29 $20,000 prizes and 33 $10,000 prizes.