Lady Luck Rewards Player with $50,000 ‘Christmas Gift’

Happy holidays to our $50,000 “Christmas Gift” winner, who just claimed a second-tier prize on a winning Bonus Bingo X20 scratch-off.

Baltimore man wins playing Bonus Bingo X20 instant ticket

You don’t have to worry about whether you’ve made the naughty or nice list when you receive a $50,000 “gift” long before the big holiday. A Baltimore man recently won that second-tier prize on a lucky Bonus Bingo X20 scratch-off.

The 20-year cybersecurity expert, who nicknamed his big win “Christmas Gift,” used the Maryland Lottery website to research his instant ticket purchase. He started playing Lottery games about three months ago and only plays scratch-offs. “Christmas Gift” had already won a few small prizes before this big win.

He searched online for scratch-offs that were about 80 percent sold yet still had big prizes remaining. The $20 Bonus Bingo X20 scratch-off became his target.

He located a retailer that had the game for sale, visiting 7207 Deli & Liquor located at 7207 Harford Road in Baltimore. “Christmas Gift” bought several instant tickets. Later that evening, he learned of his Lottery luck after visiting another Lottery retailer to scan his instant tickets for prizes.

“This has got to be wrong,” the lucky winner recalls saying to himself after discovering the $50,000 prize. He left the store and rechecked his scratch-off in private. The happy father of one plans to invest his winnings. When not working or playing Lottery games, “Christmas Gift” enjoys spending time fishing, playing chess and doing computer programming.

Players can still find lots of prizes in the Bonus Bingo X20 game, including one $50,000 second-tier prize, one $500,000 top prize and 26 $10,000 prizes.