Lottery Homework Leads to $50,000 Win for Frequent Player

Claims second-tier prize on Money Bag Multiplier scratch-off

“Whenever I’m in the mood to play,” a county government employee explained to Maryland Lottery officials, “I always do my research first.” He conducted that research by visiting, the Lottery website, and accomplished the winning by selecting a Money Bag Multiplier instant ticket to play last week.

“I like to check to see how many top prizes are still out there for each game,” the Prince George’s County resident said. “It feels like I have a better shot at finding a big one.”

Before leaving home to meet friends, the 47-year-old frequent player noticed that Money Bag Multiplier, a $10 scratch-off game that debuted in April, still had one $100,000 top prize available. He also noted that three of the game’s $50,000 second-tier prizes had not yet been claimed.

Later, when stopping for gas at Kensington Sunoco, the scratch-off fan saw several posters detailing recent Lottery wins at the business located at 10550 Connecticut Avenue. “I hadn’t planned on getting my tickets there, but it suddenly seemed like the right place.” He picked out several scratch-off games to play, including Money Bag Multiplier. “My homework led me to a few different games, but Money Bag Multiplier was my primary target.”

He quickly uncovered a $1,000 prize, which shocked him. “What a great way to start a night out, I thought to myself.” But wait, there’s more! “Then, I saw the 50X symbol. That’s when I discovered what shock really felt like.”

Money Bag Multiplier still has one $100,000 top prize waiting for a home as well as two more $50,000 prizes and nine unclaimed $10,000 prizes.