Lucky Lottery Winner Manages to Keep Cool after Top-Prize Win

Hagerstown man claims $50,000 prize on $50,000 Cash instant ticket

A man from Hagerstown who plays Lottery games occasionally has spent the past year playing only instant ticket games. He won a small prize back in 2019 and was able to regain that wonderful feeling of winning after finding a $50,000 top prize on a $50,000 Cash instant ticket.

The 35-year-old found his lucky $20 scratch-off at 901 Liquors located at 901 North Point Boulevard in Baltimore. The Washington County resident knows the owner of the store and occasionally stops in there to buy Lottery tickets. “I had to keep my cool until I left the store,” the lucky winner said, explaining that he didn’t want to attract any attention. Only when he was away did he let himself become excited.

Currently a manager of a doughnut shop, the winner said he hopes to use his prize to one day buy his own food franchise.

His lucky retailer, 901 Liquors, will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for its role in selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off. The game went on sale in December with 160 $50,000 top prizes. There are still 146 remaining along with $1 million other unclaimed prizes ranging from $20 to $5,000.