Mistaken $10 Scratch-off Win Actually Worth $100,000

Glen Burnie man claims top prize on Gold X50 instant ticket

At first, It seemed like it was just another day of playing the Lottery for a lucky man who has an affinity for scratch-offs. The Glen Burnie player thought he won $10 on a Gold X50 scratch-off but then realized his mistake. He actually won the $10 game’s $100,000 top prize, making it a day like no other Lottery play day!

The 65-year-old made a stop at Buy N Go in Glen Burnie to try his Lottery luck. He bought the instant ticket and scratched it off immediately after leaving the store. The lucky player saw that he had one matching number but kept on scratching. Once he reached the end of the play area on the game, he noticed that he had a second match and initially thought that his game was only a $10 winner.

“I thought wrong,” he said. The Anne Arundel County resident has been retired for two years. When asked of his plans for his winnings, he said he will use the funds to take care of his family.

The Gold X50 scratch-off went on sale in January beginning with 10 $100,000 top prizes. There are still two remaining along with two $50,000 prizes and 11 $10,000 prizes. A member of a Gold Multiplier family of games, Gold X50 also is part of the Gold Multiplier second-chance promotion. Upcoming entry deadlines for the chance to win $50,000 are May 22 and June 19.

The lucky retailer, Buy N Go at 13 Aquahart Road in Glen Burnie, scores as well. The Anne Arundel County retailer will receive a $1,000 bonus for selling a winning scratch-off worth $100,000.