Patience, Persistence Pays off for Powerball Player

Baltimore man claims $50,007 on Powerball quick-pick ticket

A hectic morning led to an evening of celebration for a self-employed Baltimore resident, who saw his patience and persistence on Nov. 8 rewarded. He won $50,007 in that night’s Powerball drawing.

The winner said he allocates a small-dollar amount each week to play Lottery games. He’s won small Lottery prizes in the past as well as $88,000 at a casino. His high-dollar luck in the Nov. 8 drawing with his quick-pick ticket led to his biggest Lottery prize yet.

Trying to buy the ticket was a challenge, he recalled. “It was a crazy morning.” He made a trip to two Royal Farms before staying at the second one, #311 located at 5361 Nottingham Drive in Nottingham, until a quick repair put its Lottery equipment back into action. The 66-year-old was the first customer to buy a ticket after the repair and saw his patience rewarded — later that night — with what turned out to be his $50,007 winning ticket.

After the drawing, when he learned of his Lottery luck, the player called his sister to share his good news. She couldn’t believe that he’d won big again! The winner owns his own fencing company and is still mulling over what to do with his prize.

No one hit the Powerball jackpot last night, giving players a chance to win $190 million in the Wednesday, Nov. 17 drawing. The cash option for the drawing is $137.3 million.