Perry Hall Player Finds ‘Life Changing’ $67,866 FAST PLAY Prize

Fan of World Championship Poker game wins progressive jackpot

A Baltimore County player found himself at the right store at the right time to buy a $67,866 jackpot-winning FAST PLAY World Championship Poker ticket.

The lucky 56-year-old, who called the prize “life changing,” bought the third progressive jackpot-winning ticket sold in the $5 game. The World Championship Poker game went on sale in September 2021 with a progressive jackpot that starts at $40,000. The progressive jackpot grows with the sale of each ticket until a player buys the winning ticket. This FAST PLAY game has 12 progressive jackpots remaining.

The winning Perry Hall resident bought his ticket on March 19 at Wawa #8522 located at 9809 Belair Road in Perry Hall. His lucky retailer can also celebrate. For selling a progressive jackpot-winning FAST PLAY ticket of $67,866, the Baltimore County business receives a $678.66 bonus from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.