Phone Goes Flying When Frederick Player Reads Winning Message

Claims $50,000 third-tier Powerball prize in Oct. 23 drawing

Delivering a tasty chicken dinner to her parents gave a loyal Lottery player from Frederick the perfect opportunity to buy tickets for Powerball and Mega Millions drawings. That lucky Royal Farms visit after her good deed led to a $50,000 Powerball prize!

Her husband had cooked the delicious meal, which was so good the wife said, “Mom and Dad would love this.” She packed up some leftovers and headed out. The Frederick County woman is always ready to play her favorite games, carrying several play slips with her that are filled out with two lines of personal numbers and one quick-pick line. She decided to stop to buy tickets on her way home.

“When I was coming back home, I thought, it’s Monday! I can play,” the wife recalled. She remembers thinking about a big win and saying to herself, “Oh boy, wouldn’t it be nice.”

She stopped at Royal Farms #357 at 6730 English Muffin Way in Frederick and bought a Powerball ticket for the Monday, Oct. 23 drawing and a Mega Millions ticket for the Tuesday, Oct. 24 drawing. She then put the tickets into her purse and didn’t think about them again until Friday.

Taking Friday off work to again do a good deed for her parents, the wife and her husband were out together when the husband noticed their vehicle needed gas. “I said, ‘I’ll pump the gas. I know you want to get some tickets,” he recalled. She usually scans her tickets using her mobile app but this time scanned the Oct. 23 Powerball ticket in the store. Accustomed to seeing a prize amount appear on winning tickets, the grandmother was startled when she didn’t see a $4 or $8 pop up. Instead, the message said “See Lottery.”

Returning to the vehicle, she told her husband, “Look at that. They aren’t even going to tell me how much I won.’” She quickly scanned the ticket with her phone and, without her reading glasses, thought she won $5,000. Her husband took a look and excitedly confirmed the $50,000 prize.

“The phone went out of my hand and hit the roof of the car and went under the seat,” she said. After scrambling about to retrieve the phone, they confirmed their lucky day had arrived. She plans to put the prize in the bank and will continue playing her two favorite jackpot games. “Maybe I’ll see you next week,” she quipped.

Tonight’s estimated Powerball jackpot annuity is $137 million with a cash option of $60.2 million.