Quick-Pick Ticket Gives Laurel Powerball Player a $50,000 Prize

A 62-year-old Laurel man, David Bangura, plans to invest his $50,000 third-tier Powerball prize.

Misses jackpot by just one number

A 62-year-old Powerball fan is one lucky player. David Bangura of Prince George’s County purchased a quick-pick Powerball ticket this week and won a $50,000 third-tier prize.

David has a routine for playing his favorite game that involves purchasing tickets weekly. He was passing by a Laurel Dash In earlier this week when he remembered he wanted to buy a ticket for the Monday, Oct. 24 drawing. He purchased a $10 quick-pick ticket and went on about his day.

The Laurel resident didn’t see the winning numbers drawn that night. Instead, he checked his ticket online against the winning numbers. What a surprise to see he matched four white balls and the red Powerball for a $50,000 win!

“I really could not believe I missed the jackpot by one number,” he told Lottery officials. “I just thank God for this win.”

A widower, David stopped working for over a year to help care for his wife before she passed away. The father of two young adults said he believes she brought him some luck.

After letting realization of his win sink in a bit, David reached out to family members to share the news and to double check his good fortune. He asked a local Lottery retailer to scan his ticket one more time and was satisfied when he saw the “Congratulations” message on a print out. He then made an appointment to claim his prize at Lottery headquarters.

The big winner plans to use the funds to make home repairs and investments. He also plans to go back to work early next year and will continue to play Powerball, which is on a roll. The Wednesday, Nov. 2 jackpot is set at an estimated $1.2 billion annuity with an estimated cash value of $596.7 million.

“I’ll be back for that jackpot,” he said, smiling.

David bought his winning $50,000 ticket from the Dash In #1851 located at 6000 Sandy Spring Road in Laurel.