Quick Picks Lead to Powerball Double Play Prize for Clarksville Man

Lucky winner claims $50,000 win in April 23 drawing

A lucky man from Clarksville became the third Maryland Powerball player in 2022 to claim a $50,000 prize in a Double Play drawing. The third-tier prize payout was the product of the multistate game’s recent jackpot roll, which ended April 27 with a jackpot of $473.1 million won in Arizona.

While rolling, the growing jackpot attracted lots of attention including that of the Howard County resident. He told Lottery officials that playing Powerball was new for him. He moved to Maryland just a few years ago from Nevada, which doesn’t have a Lottery. The 49-year-old said he now picks up a ticket for five draws once a month.

The winner, who works in artificial intelligence, followed his play routine and had his numbers randomly selected via the quick-pick option. He visited Giant #348 located at 6050 Daybreak Circle in Clarksville. When asked why he favors that method, the winner replied with a smile, “I trust the machines.”

Luck caught up with one of his five-draw tickets on April 23, when he matched four of his numbers and the Powerball in the Double Play drawing. The winner added both Power Play and Double Play to his ticket for $1 each per drawing. Power Play multiplies prizes won in the regular drawing and Double Play makes the ticket eligible to win prizes in both the Powerball drawing and the Double Play drawing that follows.

He discovered the win later that month when visiting a retailer to pick up a fresh set of tickets. The loyal player scanned the lucky ticket and was pleasantly surprised to see the $50,000 prize that flashed back at him from the Lottery machine.

The winner plans to use his prize to boost his savings and investments.