Racetrax Enthusiast in Columbia Scores $40,437 on Superfecta Pick

Player attracted by combination of potential big win, attractive odds

An old home address for a Racetrax player now from Columbia has four digits in the middle of the 12 animated-thoroughbred options for the game. On Dec. 10, betting those numbers on a Superfecta wager paid off to the tune of $40,437.

“I’ve been playing Racetrax for years,” said the former chef. The 68-year-old was an aficionado of Pick 3 and Pick 4, but now prefers the odds and prize structure for the simulated horseracing game. His four-digit Superfecta wager (all four horses finishing in the selected order) gave him the five-digit payout.

Over the years, the seasoned player says he has picked up multiple Racetrax wins in the $2,000 to $3,000 range. Lately, he has hit for bigger prizes – including his $40,437 windfall on Dec. 10.

The Howard County resident said he plans to continue playing as he always has, by setting an $80 limit and sticking to it. Although he said he was unaware, his practice of studying the odds, knowing his financial situation, sticking to a limit and playing because it is fun are all hallmarks of responsible Lottery play.

As for his plans for this prize, our winner hasn’t decided. “It’ll be nice to have it in the bank,” he said, noting that a trip to Arizona could be in the cards and his home could use a few updates.

Sharing in his good fortune is the source of his winning ticket, Quick Stop Food Mart at 10750 Hickory Ridge Road in Columbia. The Howard County retailer picks up a bonus of $404.37 for selling a high-tier winning Racetrax ticket. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize total.