Retired Bricklayer Finds His Path to Riches

A retired contractor from Laurel has traded in his power tools for a third-tier Powerball prize. The lucky winner paid $10 for a ticket for the Nov. 9 drawing and just claimed a $50,004 prize.

The 74-year-old found his lucky ticket at Modern Liquors located at 2358 Iverson Street in Temple Hills. He told Lottery officials that he couldn’t even remember why he ended up stopping at this particular store because he usually buys Lottery games from a store right next door. He bought the ticket in November, but didn’t learn that he won until he happened to check his ticket a few days ago.

The lucky player could not believe what he was seeing. On one line, he matched four numbers and the Powerball for a $50,000 prize. Also, on another line, he matched one number and the Powerball, giving him an additional $4.

The winner worked as a contractor during his career, mainly as a bricklayer. He currently doesn’t have plans for his prize.

No one has hit the jackpot in recent weeks so the estimated jackpot annuity for tonight’s drawing (March 22) is $96 million. The estimated cash option is $51.7 million.