Sisters in Dundalk Score Big Pick 5 Wins on Turkey Wishbone

After cooking 24-pound bird, one wins $100,800 and the other wins $25,000

Sometimes wishes do come true! After wishing on a Thanksgiving turkey wishbone, a woman from Dundalk played her license plate number on three Pick 5 tickets and won $100,800. Her sister, also from Dundalk, played the plate number as well and won $25,000.

Their Lottery luck arrived on Thanksgiving Eve. The big-winner sister prepared a 24-pound turkey for another family and, as she was finishing the preparation, the wishbone fell out.

“It was the first time I really ever had a turkey wishbone in my hand,” she recalled. “I said, ‘I want my tag number to come out,’ then I kissed it and broke it.”

Subsequently, she delivered the turkey and stopped on the way home to play her tag number. The winner bought two $1 Pick 5 straight bets and placed a $1 box bet. She made her purchase at Logan Liquors, 3441 Dundalk Avenue, in Dundalk.

Later, the lucky lady told her sister about the wishbone.

“I said, ‘What’s your tag number,’” the sister recalled. She went to Village Family Mart at 12 North Dundalk Avenue in Dundalk and bought a 50-cent straight bet Pick 5 ticket.

That evening, their number hit: 40710.

The sister who made the wish said, “I’m going to pay off my car. Then, I’m going to get some crabs. Jumbos this time!”

Most of the rest of her prize will go into savings, with some funds set aside for Christmas presents. The sister who won $25,000 said she will pay off some bills with her prize “and play a few scratch-off tickets.”

Sharing in their wishbone good fortune are Logan Liquors, which picks up a bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery, and Village Family Mart, which receives a Lottery bonus of $250. The Lottery awards bonuses to retailers that sell $50,000- and $25,000-winning Pick 5 tickets.