Sparks Man Beats Dealer’s Hand for $172,210 FAST PLAY Win

Prize from High Roller Blackjack game going toward house upgrades

A Sparks man is calling himself “About Time” after winning a $172,210 progressive jackpot in the FAST PLAY High Roller Blackjack game.

The 62-year-old said he has won a few hundred dollars on scratch-offs and other FAST PLAY games, but never a prize this large. He said he remained calm after the win, but his wife was much more animated.

“She was very excited. She started to cry, she can’t believe we won,” said “About Time.”

The truck driver is a few years away from retirement. He plans to share some of the winnings with his two adult children and the rest will go toward replacement windows and other home upgrades. He and his wife were considering improvements to their northern Baltimore County home before his lucky win but were wondering how to play for the upgrades.

“We no longer have that problem,” “About Time” said with a smile.

He bought the lucky ticket at Royal Farms #185 in Parkton. “About Time” said he usually purchases his Lottery tickets at that Baltimore County store and had an interesting conversation with the owner about a month ago.

“It is funny because the owner told me, ‘I want you to win so I can get a big banner,’” he recalled. The store, located at 118 Mount Carmel Road, will indeed receive a promotional banner along with a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning FAST PLAY ticket of $100,000 or more.

The High Roller Blackjack game went on sale on April 4, 2022 and “About Time” is only the fourth big winner. There are 26 progressive jackpots remaining along with 17 $50,000 prizes and 84 $10,000 prizes. The game also offers lower-tiered prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000. In a progressive jackpot game, the jackpot grows with the sale of each ticket until a player buys the winning ticket. The jackpot starts at $100,000 with this game and had reached $101,625 early on Oct. 4.