Suitland Lottery Winner So Stunned She Abandons Shopping Trip

$57,777 prize biggest ever for woman who has enjoyed playing for years

Before shopping on Feb. 23, a Maryland Lottery player from Suitland decided to buy a Lottery ticket out of a vending machine in the grocery store, but she ended up being so surprised by the size of her win she went home empty handed.

Empty handed except for a Winning 7 ticket worth $57,777.

“I had intended to go shopping, but I just went home,” she said Feb. 27 after claiming her prize. Excited, she called a niece from her close family and the two ended up screaming with delight.

“I’ve been playing for years. I do it all. Scratch-offs. Powerball, Mega Millions,” she said, adding, “This is the biggest payout!”

After she purchased the $5 ticket, the winning player scanned it at the Lottery vending machine and the instruction flashed to take the ticket to the Lottery.

“I thought there was something wrong with the machine,” she said. She took the ticket to the customer service desk and the clerk checked it and showed her the size of the prize. Stunned and thrilled, she left the task of shopping for another day.

With her winnings, the Suitland player plans to pay off her car loan, get her finances square and start looking for a house to purchase, as well as “bless some people” in her family.

And she and the niece she called – who accompanied her to claim the prize – were planning a celebratory dinner.

Also having reason to celebrate is the grocery store where she bought the ticket, Giant #373 at 5500 Silver Hill Road in District Heights, which receives a bonus of $577.77, equal to 1% of the prize.