Tears Flow after $20,000 Ravens X2 Scratch-off Win

Randallstown woman still in shock over her biggest prize ever     

Before she could stop herself, a Baltimore County woman blurted out, “It can’t be true,” when she saw the $20,000 match on her favorite scratch-off game earlier this week.

The lucky lady told Lottery officials that she had wanted to keep her big win quiet as she stood there at Pimlico Check Cashing in Randallstown, so she instantly regretted her outburst. “My brain told me I’d won and to play it cool,” she explained. “But my excitement just got the best of me.”

From the stories she shared, it’s hard to imagine the $2 Ravens X2 scratch-off having a bigger fan. “This is by far my favorite ticket,” she said. “I’ve been very lucky with it.”

There’s lucky, though, and then there’s lucky. “I wasn’t surprised when I saw the match, but then I scratched the prize amount.” Stunned by the $20,000 win, she said her mind just went blank.

“I watch those game shows on TV where people win lots of cash, I always thought it was made up, that it was just for show.” The realization that her winning moment was really happening set her tears flowing.

Happily for the 77-year-old, the only person who heard and saw her in that moment was a store cashier who has been a friend for years. “She took me in the back to check the ticket. When she told me that I’d definitely hit the top prize, I really, really started crying.”

The popular Ravens X2 game debuted in August with six $20,000 top prizes. This win leaves four top-prize winning scratch-offs still on retailers’ shelves. All eight of the game’s $5,000 second-tier prizes remain available. A second-chance promotion returns this year, giving players the chance to win great prizes such as season tickets for 20 years, $10,000 cash and season tickets for 2023. Find out more HERE.

Our still-in-shock winner plans to save most of her windfall while setting a portion aside to join friends on a cruise. Management at Pimlico Check Cashing, which is located at 3538 Brenbrook Drive in Randallstown, will receive a $200 bonus from the Lottery for its role in the top-prize win. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.