‘The Little Guy’ Comes Up Big with a $50,000 Powerball Prize

“The Little Guy” is banking a big $50,000 prize, thanks to his third-tier Powerball win in the Nov. 2 drawing.

Huntingtown resident plans to take his wife on an island vacation

A Calvert County resident is on his way to a dream vacation with his wife after winning a $50,000 third-tier Powerball prize in the Nov. 2 drawing.

Using his nickname “The Little Guy” to tell his lucky story, our big winner came in with a huge smile on his face. The 34-year-old has won a few hundred dollars playing instant tickets in the last five years but never a prize this large.

“I feel like some of my good deeds are being revisited back to me,” he said. “I hope more people do good deeds because it can come back to you.”

The Huntingtown resident bought a $20 quick-pick ticket at Wawa #573 at 10245 Kirksville Lane in Dunkirk because he saw the size of the Powerball jackpot. A mechanic by trade, “The Little Guy” said he would love to win the jackpot so he can buy and sell real estate. For now, the lucky $50,000 winner plans to spend some of his prize taking his wife to Barbados for a much-needed vacation.