Three Bonus Match 5 Wins on Consecutive Days Generate $50,017 in Prizes

Player’s lucky numbers come through with big wins

Winning twice is nice, but winning three times in a row on the same game using the same numbers is even nicer. A Baltimore City resident just had her own profitable three-peat in late March playing the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5 game.

The lucky 74-year-old claimed her winnings last week at Lottery headquarters, taking away $50,017 in total prize winnings.

Her streak of luck began with a Bonus Match 5 ticket purchased on March 18. The lucky $28 ticket had six lines of personal numbers placed for seven nights of drawings. Midway through the week, the lucky winner’s numbers began to match. First, the winner matched two numbers on March 21 for a $2 prize. Next, she matched three numbers on March 22 for a $15 prize. Finally, on March 23, she matched all five numbers to win the game’s $50,000 top prize.

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Our player placed her winning wager at Maiden Choice Liquors located at 1064 Maiden Choice Lane in Baltimore. For selling a top-prize winning ticket, the Baltimore City store earned a $500 bonus from the Lottery.