Glen Burnie Woman’s Special Numbers Deliver $50,000 Prize

Wins top prize playing Bonus Match 5

An Anne Arundel County woman can thank her friends and family for her $50,000 Lottery prize. She used their birthdays to play Bonus Match 5 and won the top prize in the Oct. 19 drawing.

The avid Lottery player recalled that she was on her way home from work when she stopped to purchase items for a family member at Tobacco Stop in Glen Burnie. While there, the Glen Burnie woman decided to play her Lottery numbers, as well.

“I have a few cards with birthdays of family that I use to play Bonus Match 5 and other games,” she told Lottery officials when claiming the prize. “Plus, Tobacco Stop is one of my favorite places to play Lottery.”

The mother and grandmother made her purchases and went home with her $2 ticket. She didn’t realize she was a winner until the next morning, when she checked the Lottery’s winning numbers line.

“I said to myself, ‘Wait a minute, I think I have those!’” recalled the lucky player.

Her daughter, who accompanied the $50,000 winner to claim the prize, said she knew something was off when she saw her mother that morning.

“She had this weird look on her face and then she told me,” said the daughter. “I grabbed the ticket and double-checked it and she was right.”

The lucky lady then checked the back of the ticket to see how long she had to claim the prize because she wanted to wait until 2023 to do so. She plans to put her prize money toward car repairs and bills.

Tobacco Stop is also a winner. For selling a top-prize winning ticket in Bonus Match 5, the store located at 7110 Ritchie Highway will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.