Grand Prize Slam – Westminster Man Wins Big with Home Run Riches

Karl Petro from Westminster, the lucky winner of the final $50,000 prize in the Home Run Riches Second-Chance promotion, poses with his prize.

Wins a $50,000 prize on final drawing in baseball-themed second-chance promotion

An Orioles season filled with unbelievable moments just got better for Westminster resident Karl Petro. That’s because this week, Petro was selected as a $50,000 winner in the final drawing of the Lottery’s Home Run Riches Contestant of the Game Second-Chance promotion.

The promotion ran from March to August and featured a series of drawings selecting Contestants of the Game for each game in the Oriole’s 2023 season. To enter, players registered $5 FAST PLAY Home Run Riches tickets through My Lottery Rewards for a chance to be selected. Winners selected as a “Contestant of the Game” earn $500 for being selected and $500 for each Orioles home-run hit during the game for which they are selected. This year’s promotion also featured two $50,000 giveaways in celebration of the Maryland Lottery’s 50th anniversary. The first prize was awarded when the Orioles hit their 50th home run of the season and the second at the conclusion of the second-chance contest on Aug. 29.

The 72-year-old recounted to Lottery officials when he was first contacted just how difficult it was to believe that he had actually won a $50,000 prize. The winner, who works as a consultant in modular construction, said it was only due to some detective work from his brother that he finally believed he won.

Petro told Lottery officials that his family has always enjoyed Baltimore baseball and they have followed the games with growing excitement.

“This core of young prospects and the quiet work of the veteran players has been so exciting to watch this year. Gunnar, Mateo, Cedric, Hays and Mack (McKenna) – there’s just something really special there,” said Petro.

If one particular player has stuck out to Petro this year, it is Ryan O’Hearn. Petro finds him to be personally inspiring.

“When he came up, he said to the media, ‘I’m not going back,’ and the determination in him just resonated with me and things in my own life,” said Petro.

While the play on the field has been exciting, Petro has been watching the broadcasts, just dreaming of the day that his name would be called out over the television as one of the promotion’s contestants. While he never was selected as a “Contestant of the Game” in the promotion, winning $50,000 in the final drawing was a nice exchange for the lucky winner.

“This is amazing and unbelievable for me,” said Petro.

Petro plans to use the prize for bills and some home improvements, but said that a portion would go toward a trip to Italy where he hopes to reconnect with his family’s roots.

Although the final second-chance drawing has occurred, there is still plenty of winning left in the Lottery’s Home Run Riches FAST PLAY game. The $5 Home Run Riches ticket is still available at Lottery retailers and features prizes from $5 to $5,000 plus a chance to win a progressive jackpot that starts at $40,000 and grows with each ticket sold.