Greenbelt Woman Banks $50,000 Playing Pick 5 On Her Way to See Family

Greenbelt resident, “Doris,” plans on using her $50,000 Pick 5 prize to make things a bit easier for her sister and enjoy a birthday trip to Las Vegas.

Prince George’s County winner won $55,500 in total in 2022 so far

A Greenbelt resident, who plays the Lottery on Saturdays before visiting family, has won for the third time this year, landing a $50,000 Pick 5 prize in the midday drawing on May 14! Her wins earlier this year came on MONOPOLY™ scratch-offs, including prizes of $5,000 and $500.

“I didn’t know how much Pick 5 pays,” said “Doris,” laughing as she visited the Lottery’s Winner’s Circle room. “But I had a zip code stuck in my head and I thought the new Pick 5 was a good way to get it out.”

The banking executive noticed the zip code while at work, and once it got in her head she couldn’t let it go. “Doris” said she regularly plays Pick 4, where the largest possible prize is $5,000 for winning on a straight $1 wager. She added that she thought the top prize for Pick 5 would be somewhere close to that, so she was quite surprised by her $50,000 win. After purchasing her $1 straight Pick 5 ticket at Meadow’s Market & Restaurant in Prince George’s County, the 59-year-old winner went to visit her aunt. On her way home, “Doris” glanced at the Maryland Lottery app on her phone to look for the midday numbers. And staring back at her were the very digits she selected to win: 7, 9, 0, 4, and 1! She sent a screen shot of her win to her brother who texted back in celebration.

“I am so very happy to win this money because some of it is going to help my sister who has been down after losing her job just a little while ago,” the Prince George’s County resident said. Being a good sister isn’t the only thing “Doris” plans on doing with her winnings. Our lucky Pick 5 player is starting to make plans to take a trip to Las Vegas for her 60th birthday party!

Meadow’s Market & Restaurant, which “Doris” said is her favorite Lottery retailer, has reason to celebrate as well. The retailer, located at 9400 Marlboro Pike in Upper Marlboro, receives a bonus of $500 from the Lottery for selling a winning Pick 5 ticket worth $50,000.