High Powerball Jackpot Prompts Purchase of $50,000 Winning Ticket

Upper Marlboro player says he gets interested when jackpot hits $100 million

A Maryland Lottery player from Prince George’s County who buys Powerball and Mega Millions tickets when the jackpot is high saw his strategy pay off to the tune of $50,000.

“I see the billboard and when it gets over $100 million, I get interested,” the 57-year-old player said on May 2 while claiming his Powerball prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

Over the years, the Upper Marlboro resident has won small amounts, with $30 being his previous high score. That record was shattered on April 27 when he bought a $2 quick-pick ticket for that evening’s drawing. When he checked the numbers, they all started to match.

“All but one,” he said. While matching four regular balls plus the Powerball doesn’t result in a jackpot win, such a ticket is a third-tier winner and worth $50,000. He bought the hot ticket at Giant #330 located at 3500 Northwest Crain Highway in Bowie.

While winning the jackpot is the focus of most Powerball players, the game has lots of other prizes. Matching just the Powerball pays $4 and there are another six levels of non-jackpot prizes up to $1 million.

The winner plans to pay off his car loan with his prize. Going forward, he said, he expects to keep chasing jackpots when they get high.