License Plate Pick 5 Play Pays $50,000 to Annapolis Man

Weekend player pondering what to do with proceeds of his win

A weekend Maryland Lottery enthusiast from Annapolis played a combination of a license plate number for Pick 5 in the Sunday, Jan. 15 evening drawing and won $50,000 on a $1 straight bet.

Asked what he likes about playing the Lottery, the Anne Arundel County man said, “Winning money!”

Although the $50,000 prize is his most substantial to date, the player also has a $4,000 win under his belt. Since he knows the license plate numbers, the lucky player knew right away he won when the number combination appeared in the drawing. Still, his first reaction was, “I had to do a double take!”

Mainly, he’s keeping the win a secret, the player said, and hasn’t firmed up plans for his windfall. One possibility is a new vehicle. Meanwhile, he plans to keep on playing a range of Lottery games in his spare time.

Sharing in his good fortune is the Quiet Waters Exxon gas station at 1000 Forest Drive in Annapolis. The Anne Arundel County Lottery retailer receives a $500 bonus, equal to1% of the prize, from the Lottery for the gas station’s role in selling the $50,000-winning ticket.