Long-Distance Trucker Unloads $50,000-Winning Bonus Match 5 Ticket

Claims top prize in March 21 drawing

A Dundalk man got an unexpected surprise from Lady Luck the day before his birthday: a $50,000 top-prize win on a five-draw Bonus Match 5 ticket.

The long-distance truck driver is on the road day and night. Before his next trip, which will take him 5,400 miles across the country and back on a four-day run, the winner added a visit to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to his to-do list. The anonymous player claimed his winning ticket from the March 21 drawing and headed out on the road again.

The Bonus Match 5 fan bought his ticket on March 17 at Giant #363 in Baltimore. He let the terminal quick pick his numbers for drawings running from March 17-21. After the drawing, he was driving through Maryland and wondered if his ticket had won a prize. “I used to stop in Waldorf all the time so I checked my ticket there,” he said.

Initially, the player wasn’t sure if the ticket was a winner or was causing a machine malfunction. The message on the scanner was similar to ones he’s seen when there is a malfunction so he went on his way. “I didn’t pay it any mind,” he recalled.

A bit later, he decided to check the winning numbers with his phone and that’s when his celebration began. Immediately, the player shared the fantastic news with his fiancé and then with family members and friends. The couple’s June wedding is already set so some of the funds will go toward the catering bill and some to investments in artwork.

Also celebrating is his lucky Lottery retailer. For selling a $50,000 top-prize winning Bonus Match 5 ticket, Giant #363 at 1400 Merritt Boulevard in Baltimore will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

The winner also plays Keno and enjoys entering tickets into second-chance promotions offered through My Lottery Rewards.

This lucky win was one of 11 Bonus Match 5 top prizes awarded in 2024.