Powerball Chase Makes Allegany Retirees $50,000 Richer

Lucky numbers lead to third-tier prize in Dec. 20 drawing

A pair of Powerball jackpot chasers from Allegany County claimed a $50,000 prize this week, saying the journey to a third-tier win began with a set of lucky numbers and a dream of winning a Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot.

“Beans,” a 66-year-old retired financial analyst, and her husband told Lottery officials that they have played jackpot games on and off for years. They buy tickets when the jackpots grow large, playing both games using a special series of numbers derived from important dates, ages and a few lucky digits.

According to “Beans,” they often win small prizes but events took an unexpected turn when her husband checked a ticket last week. When the La Vale resident scanned the $10 ticket at a Lottery retailer’s ticket checker, he was greeted by the phrase: “Congratulations, you are a winner.”

The retired husband recalls that he shrugged, thinking the prize from the Dec. 20 drawing was small like the $4 prizes they have previously won. When the message was followed by “$50,000,” it gave him pause. “I thought, I’d better check that again,” he said.

Shortly after confirming the win, he called “Beans” to explain that while their ticket won it wasn’t for the usual small amount. As soon as she got off the phone with him, “Beans” dialed her girlfriends to share the news.

“I was very excited. With something like that, you just have to tell someone,” said “Beans.”

The lucky winners plan to use their prize for home and auto expenses and possibly for a trip in the spring. In addition, they will give back to their community.

They bought the lucky ticket at GK #1352 trading as Mr. T’s Mini Mart. The lucky Lottery retailer is located at the Sunoco station at 14409 Ellerslie Road in Ellerslie.

Because no one has yet won the jackpot last night, players can try their luck in the Saturday, Jan. 1 drawing. The jackpot has rolled to $483 million with a cash option of $347.7 million.