Ravens Fan Celebrates $100,000 Post-Season Scratch-off Win

Player says finding top prize on $5 game like winning the Super Bowl

The Baltimore Ravens didn’t have much post-season luck last year but a Baltimore scratch-off player enjoyed a far different outcome. The winner, who chose the nickname “Tone” to remain anonymous, stopped at Lottery headquarters to claim a $100,000 post-season top-prize winning Ravens X5 instant ticket.

Growing up in the city, “Tone” is a diehard Baltimore Ravens fan and also a huge fan of scratch-offs. He’s been a loyal player for about a decade, enjoying the thrill of winning small prizes. On the day he purchased the lucky Ravens X5 instant ticket, “Tone” was at Food City Mart in Baltimore trying to decide which scratch-off to buy. He settled for the Ravens X5  game because he hadn’t played it before.

“Tone” purchased two $5 Ravens X5 instant tickets and began scratching them off. The first game was a non-winner. He matched a winning number on the second instant ticket, which appeared to show a $100,000 top prize. Assuming there was a mistake or he had misread the instant ticket, the player asked the store employee to scan the game again. That scan confirmed his big prize.

“Man, ain’t no way this happening to me! This is my Super Bowl,” Tone said, recalling his thoughts the moment he won. He was speechless after his win, which eclipsed his previous top scratch-off score of $500.

“I sat down in the car and put the ticket in my wallet for safekeeping and headed to work, I didn’t tell anyone or show my ticket off because I was paranoid I would lose it,” the winner said. He still hasn’t told anyone about his Lottery luck except the person who drove him to Lottery headquarters to claim his prize.

He hasn’t yet decided what to do with his new fortune, other than pay bills and put the rest of the prize into savings. Meanwhile, his lucky scratch-off is still packed with prizes. Players can look for two more $100,000 top prizes, three $10,000 prizes and others ranging from $5 to $1,000.

His lucky Lottery retailer is also a winner. For selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, Food City Mart located at 1733 Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.