‘Wings of Joy’ Players Score High Flying $100,000 Pick 5 Win

A Bowie husband and wife won $50,000 twice in the Black Friday Pick 5 midday drawing.

Bowie team claims two $50,000 prizes in Nov. 25 drawing

A set of lucky numbers and a pair of Pick 5 tickets turned Black Friday brighter for a Prince George’s County couple. The winners, who nicknamed themselves “Wings of Joy” for Lottery publicity, said that combination culminated in two $50,000-winning tickets for the Nov. 25 drawing.

The anonymous winner and his wife often divide their efforts when playing Lottery games. He supplies a special combination of winning numbers and she buys the tickets. They played Pick 5 like this until Black Friday, when the wife had to work and left the husband to handle both Pick 5 duties.

The husband headed out to buy tickets, stopping first at his bank ATM to get cash. Strangely enough, the bank machine dispensed his cash entirely in $5 bills. Feeling the strangeness of the day and going with it, the lucky man decided that he would purchase two tickets instead of the normal single ticket.

He visited Bowie Liquors in Prince George’s County and bought two $1 straight bet tickets with the numbers 30639 for the midday and evening drawings. “Wings of Joy” discovered the midday $100,000 win shortly after returning home. He texted an urgent message to his wife to call him at home. When she did, the happy husband asked her to read back the midday Pick 3/4/5 Lottery numbers. At the moment she read off the Pick 5 number, he let loose with an exuberant shout.

“I yelled back, I got it twice!” explained the husband.

“Wings of Joy” plan to use their $100,000 prize to benefit others. They plan to donate to churches and charities to share their joy.

Their lucky Lottery retailer is also celebrating. For selling a pair of $50,000-winning Pick 5 tickets, Bowie Liquors located at 6910 Laurel Bowie Road in Bowie will receive two $500 bonuses from the Lottery.