ZIP Code is Lucky Number for Southern Maryland Pick 5 Player

Wins $25,000 in March 24 drawing

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” a St. Mary’s County woman told Lottery officials when asked about her reaction to winning $25,000 in a March 24 Pick 5 drawing. This was the first big win for the “every day” player, and an experience that she will never forget.

A regular player of the Lottery’s daily games, the 60-year-old receptionist added Pick 5 to her lineup when the game began last month. “I bought a new house recently and have been using its ZIP code as my Pick 5 number,” she said.

She played both the midday and evening drawings on March 24. The local player was shocked when she checked the ticket’s results on Friday morning. “I really thought I was seeing things.” Happily, she was not. Her 50-cent wager on Thursday night’s Pick 5 bought her $25,000 when 2, 0, 6, 2 and 4 were drawn.

“I was so excited that I called my daughter right away. I told her that my chest was hurting. She insisted I take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.”

The Great Mills resident will use her winnings to help remodel her new home. She tells us she plans to stick with her lucky Pick 5 combination. “I played the ZIP code again this morning. It’s my new lucky number.”

Also benefiting from her Lottery luck is the retailer that sold her the winning ticket. St. Mary’s Gas Station at 23950 Colton Point Road in Clements will receive a $250 bonus for its role in her big win.