Frederick Resident’s Lucky Number Leads to Fast $50,000 Prize

FAST PLAY game delivers yet another big win

Although FAST PLAY games let you play fast and win fast, one Frederick man didn’t lose hope when he initially didn’t seem lucky. His $50,000 prize was waiting at the bottom of the FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers ticket and he persevered to pull out a win right at the end!

The 46-year-old bought a $10 Lucky Numbers ticket at Royal Farms #217 at 9180 Fingerboard Road in Urbana. The Lucky Numbers game, which is one of 20 FAST PLAY games, offers players 17 chances to win in two sections on the ticket. At the top of the ticket, players can match eight winning numbers with numbers in the play area. They win the prize below any matching number.

Our player didn’t match any numbers there but did so on the second half of the ticket. The Frederick County resident received one last lucky number to match with a second group of four numbers. His match came with the very last number in the row! Lucky number 18 won an instant prize of $50,000.

Players have enjoyed the Lucky Numbers game since it went on sale Feb. 10, 2020. Still available are 26 progressive jackpots, 38 more $50,000 prizes, 51 $10,000 prizes and hundreds of thousands of others ranging from $10 to $1,000. Progressive jackpots start at $100,000 in this game and grow with the sale of each ticket until someone buys a winning ticket. The progressive jackpot amount is printed on each ticket and updated at and on LIM monitors at Lottery retailers.