Gaithersburg Player Hopes Powerball Luck Brings Jackpot Joy

Winner of $50,000 prize dreams of helping charity organizations if he hits the jackpot

At first, when he noticed his Powerball number matched the one drawn on July 21, the Gaithersburg man thought his ticket would win a small prize. Maybe $2, maybe $4. The family man then realized his ticket also matched the 27, 28, 44 and 67 in the drawing.

Matching four regular numbers plus the Powerball is good for a $50,000 score. It made the player, who turns 58 this week, very happy. He plans to put the windfall toward his kids’ college education expenses.

“I wish it would have been all six!” he said of his lucky numbers on July 22 while claiming his prize at Lottery headquarters. “There are a lot of charities out there.” If he ever hits the jackpot, the player said, he plans to give tens of millions to a particular charity that helps people secure down payments for houses.

The Powerball jackpot stands at $174 million for the Saturday, July 24 drawing, so a hit in the most recent drawing could have made his dream a reality. The loyal player vowed to keep chasing Powerball jackpots.

The anonymous winner found Lottery luck at Goshen Beer & Wine located at 9150 Rothbury Drive in Montgomery Village. He relied on a combination of numbers he started playing after they appeared on a quick-pick ticket bought early in the COVID-19 pandemic. The happy dad has played the same set of numbers regularly ever since. He also plays them on Mega Millions tickets. The Mega Millions jackpot, also on a roll, is set at $140 million for the drawing tonight (July 23).