Kent County Mom Wins $50,000, Daughter Says, ‘Maybe I’m Next’

$10 Money Bag Multiplier scratch-off down to final top prize

A mother and daughter from Kent County have played Maryland Lottery scratch-off games for years, but they were still extremely surprised when the mom won $50,000 on the Money Bag Multiplier game.

She bought the $10 instant ticket at Lewes Dairy Market, which is located at 840 High Street in Chestertown. The mom brought the game home, scratched it off and was immediately excited enough about her second-tier win to find her daughter to tell her about her Lottery luck.

“I shook her!” the mom said, adding, “She’s my rock.”

The loyal player, who said this is her first big win, plans to use the money to provide a little financial help here and there to her large family. The mother and daughter prefer to play $10 scratch-off games, and say they will continue doing so. “Maybe I’m next (to win),” the daughter said.

Money Bag Multiplier went on sale in April with a $100,000 top prize and second-tier prize of $50,000. After this win, the game has two of the original nine second-tier prizes remaining along with a single prize at the $100,000 level, nine at the $10,000 level and others ranging from $10 to $1,000.