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The Week in Winners: With Jackpot Rolling, Powerball Delivers Five Big Prizes

Players across Maryland won nearly $33.2 million during week ending Jan. 2 With the Powerball jackpot growing to historic heights, the game generated a $2 million prize and four prizes of $50,000 last week, topping the Maryland Lottery’s list of big wins. The $2 million Powerball ticket was sold in downtown Baltimore, and the $50,000 [...]

Jackpot Chaser Wins $100,000 Powerball Prize

Chestertown player claims third-tier prize from December drawing The Powerball jackpot is a whopping $730 million for Wednesday night’s drawing and players are extremely excited. However, even back in December when the jackpot was only $304 million, players were already excited and winning, too. Among the winners is “Lady Jackpot Chaser,” who just claimed a […]

The Week in Winners: Germantown, Annapolis, Columbia, Jessup, Phoenix See Week’s Biggest Wins

Players across Maryland won or claimed $27.5 million during the week ending Aug. 30 A $100,000 winning scratch-off ticket sold in Germantown and five prizes of $50,000 on an assortment of tickets were the biggest Maryland Lottery wins of the week for the seven days ending Aug. 30. As of Aug. 31, four of the [...]