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Powerball Detailed Results – 10/19/16

October 20th, 2016


Powerball Detailed Results
Wednesday, October 19
Match PB Winners Prize Amounts Number of Winners in MD Power Play Winners In MD
5 1 0 Jackpot 0
5 0 1 $1,000,000 0 0
4 1 17 $50,000 0 0
4 0 369 $100 15 0
3 1 928 $100 24 9
3 0 23,568 $7 553 75
2 1 19,752 $7 400 48
1 1 154,070 $4 3,218 401
0 1 366,089 $4 7,774 967
TOTAL 564,794 11,984 1,500
Jackpot Winner NO
Jackpot Amount
Cash Option
Next Drawing Saturday 10/22/16
Jackpot Amount $151,000,000
Cash Option $100,500,000

Lottery Excitement Ends Quiet Day Off for Medical Worker

October 19th, 2016

Wins $50,000 playing $5 Ravens scratch-off

265-$5-Ravens-ITVMA Temple Hills man who spends long hours in operating rooms assisting in trauma  surgery said he didn’t mind giving up the peace and quiet typical of his day off. The excitement of winning $50,000 on a Maryland Lottery Ravens scratch-off was worth it!

“I was out running errands on my day off, one of which was getting my Lottery tickets for the week, when I saw what looked like a brand new pack of scratch tickets in the store’s display,” he said. The 50-year-old medical specialist told Lottery officials that he’s always had a lucky feeling about new books of Lottery scratch-offs. As luck would have it, the management of 24 Express at 4451 Wheeler Road in Oxon Hill had just put a new book of $5 Ravens scratch-offs on sale.

The loyal player bought the games and went home, where he mowed the lawn, took a nap, prepared lunch and scratched off the tickets. “I always start with the numbers before scratching the prize amount,” he said. “Right there on the first line was a match, so I was happy knowing that I’d at least win my money back.”

When the Prince George’s County man got around to totaling up his prize, he dropped his fork in shock. “$50,000 was so unbelievable that I just knew it couldn’t be,” he said. “The game directions were pretty clear, but I kept searching for the rule that would take away the money. I actually pinched myself to make sure I hadn’t fallen back to sleep.”

The happy winner surprised his wife with the news when she got home from work. “She nearly passed out,” he said. “I had to steady her.”

The prize comes at a great time because the couple is taking care of his mother, who has several health issues. The family is also down to one car after a recent mishap. “I see the miracles surgeons perform in operating rooms every day, so I know they happen,” he said. “While this isn’t a life and death thing, this win really is a miracle for us.”

The $5 Ravens scratch-off game has four $100,000 top prizes remaining. There are five more unclaimed $50,000 prizes, seven unclaimed $10,000 prizes along with a second-chance contest for Ravens-themed prizes. Players can enter non-winning Ravens scratch-offs into their My Lottery Rewards accounts to try to win Ravens season tickets for 2017, an away trip with the team, $10,000 in cash and season tickets for 20 years. Find out more at mdlottery.com/ravens.

Scratch-off Win Sends New Yorker Packing with $10,000 Prize

October 19th, 2016

Two win top prize on 10x Cash scratch-off

266-10X-Cash-ITVM_P1-greenA New Yorker visiting friends in Frederick left the state $10,000 richer, thanks to the Maryland Lottery! The 58-year-old is one of two players last week who captured the 10x Cash game’s $10,000 top prize.

Teresa of Long Island came to Maryland to hang out with friends for the weekend and decided to play the $10 game. “I always play the Lottery when I come down here,” she said.

Lucky Teresa visited Evergreen Liquors at 5809 Buckeystown Pike in Frederick and bought two 10x Cash scratch-offs. She took them to her car and scratched off her big win. “It was unbelievable,” said the mother and grandmother, who plans to split the prize with her husband and save the rest.

An Emmitsburg man captured the second $10,000 10x Cash prize of the week. The lucky player said this is also his second $10,000 win. The Jubilee Foods employee found his lucky scratch-off at Silo Hill Exxon located at 110 Silo Hill Road in Emmitsburg. The uncle of two plans to pay bills with his prize and keep enjoying Lottery games.

Thoughts of Dad Help ‘Lucky Walmart Worker’ Find Lottery Luck

October 19th, 2016
$50K BM5_Lucky Walmart Worker_webThis “Lucky Walmart Worker” won a $50,000 top prize in the Oct. 16 Bonus Match 5 drawing.

Parkville man wins $50,000 top prize on Bonus Match 5 game

A Parkville man won the $50,000 top prize in the Oct. 16 Bonus Match 5 drawing after thoughts of his dad led him to play that daily Maryland Lottery game.

The loyal player, who dubbed himself “Lucky Walmart Worker,” selects a different game to play each day and often wins small amounts. He plays his address for Pick 4, his late father’s numbers for Pick 3 and buys scratch-offs and quick-pick Bonus Match 5 tickets. The 54-year-old had stopped at his local Lottery retailer, J Convenience in Parkville, to claim a scratch-off prize on Oct. 16, and wound up buying the lucky Bonus Match 5 ticket for that night’s drawing.

“I had a $15 scratch-off that I was going to use to get my scratch-offs,” he said. “Then, I thought of my dad.”

The married Baltimore County resident decided to play Bonus Match 5 instead of scratch-offs and bought a $6 quick-pick ticket. “The numbers that came up on the ticket were the numbers that he used to play for Mega Millions,” said the “Lucky Walmart Worker.” He wondered about that coincidence and went about his day.

That night, his wife was nearly asleep at 11 p.m. when he checked his Bonus Match 5 ticket. “He kept saying, ‘I won! I won! I won!’ ” she said. “I went back to sleep. The next morning, I said, ‘Did you say you won the Lottery?’”

The happy couple came together to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the prize. The “Lucky Walmart Worker” plans to pay off loans with his prize and save the rest for a vacation with his wife. They both enjoy cruises, they said, and may be packing their bags very soon!

J Convenience is also a winner. The Baltimore County store located at 8765 Satyr Hill Road in Parkville will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize ticket.

Nottingham Woman in Shock after $10,000 Win

October 19th, 2016
$10K Diamond Spectacular_Sauer_web

Nottingham resident Kristy Sauer celebrates her $10,000 Diamond Spectacular scratch-off win!

Takes home $10,000 prize on Diamond Spectacular scratch-off

Last Friday, Kristy Sauer of Nottingham was excited about cashing in a $20 winning Diamond Spectacular scratch-off she had purchased earlier in the week. When she stopped at Northwind Liquors after work to buy a bottle of wine, Kristy planned to cash in her ticket and leave with the extra cash.

“While I was at the store, I decided to use that $20 to purchase another Diamond Spectacular ticket,” the 44-year-old told Lottery officials. “I exchanged the ticket and headed home.”

After parking her car at home, the Nottingham resident decided to scratch off the ticket while still in the vehicle. The mother of three couldn’t believe what she saw next.

“I had to keep reading over the ticket to believe that I really won $10,000,” Kristy said. “I think I’m still in shock. I keep waiting for someone here at the Lottery to tell me that it’s a mistake.”

Prior to this win, the biggest prize this occasional scratch-off player had ever won was $50. The $10,000 prize arrives at a great time because the Baltimore County resident is planning a baby shower for her daughter, who is pregnant with the winner’s first grandchild. Kristy will use her prize toward the cost of the party and to pay bills.

Northwind Liquors is located at 3005 Northwind Road in Carney. The Diamond Spectacular scratch-off has one more $1 million unclaimed top prize, four more $50,000 prizes and 13 more $10,000 prizes. Players can also seek out the hundreds of thousands of prizes between $20 and $5,000 remaining.

Mega Millions Detailed Results – 10/18/16

October 19th, 2016
Mega Millions Detailed Results
Tuesday, October 18
Megaplier x2
Match Mega Ball Total Winners Prize Amount Number of Winners in MD Total Number of Megaplier Winners In MD
5 1 0 Jackpot 0
5 0 1 $1,000,000 0 0
4 1 19 $5,000 1 0
4 0 223 $500 6 1
3 1 1,321 $50 48 4
2 1 15,975 $5 496 48
3 0 25,149 $5 783 72
1 1 208,999 $2 6,537 623
0 1 535,125 $1 16,815 1,763
TOTAL 786,812 24,686 2,511
Jackpot Winner  NO
Jackpot Amount
Cash Option
Next Drawing  Friday 10/21/16
Jackpot Amount $25,000,000
Cash Option  $16,400,000

Jarrettsville Jackpot Chaser Takes Home $50,000 Powerball Prize

October 18th, 2016
$50K Powerball Grace_web

Jackpot chaser Dennis Grace of Jarrettsville missed Saturday’s Powerball jackpot by one number. He won $50,000!

Lucky player missed jackpot by one number

Dennis Grace of Jarrettsville enjoys playing jackpot games and, like other jackpot chasers, starts buying tickets when the jackpot reaches $100 million. He did just that on Saturday, when the Powerball jackpot rolled to $122 million.

The loyal player ran into the High’s #130 at 4101 Norrisville Road in White Hall and grabbed a cool drink and a $10 quick-pick Powerball ticket. “I didn’t bother to watch the drawing or even check the numbers until Sunday.”

In fact, crabs were on his mind, not his Lottery tickets. While picking up the Maryland delicacy, the Harford County resident opened his wallet and remembered the tickets. The lucky player pulled up the winning numbers on his phone and sat in his car to check them. What he saw still has him in shock.

“I normally check the Power Ball first and then read the numbers right to left,” Dennis said, smiling. “The Power Ball matched and so did the rest of the numbers, one by one, except for the first number.”

The winner reports feeling shocked, happy and mad at the same time. He felt happy because he won $50,000 and mad that he missed the $122 million jackpot by one number. Dennis is the only player in Maryland and one of 13 around the country who won $50,000 in the drawing. No one hit the jackpot, which rolled to $136 million for the Wednesday, Oct. 19 drawing. The cash option is $90.5 million.

The federal government employee put the winning ticket back in his wallet and went home to share the good news with his wife and mother-in-law. They thought the ticket was fake until they saw the winning numbers with their own eyes.

Dennis revealed that he is famous for losing things and that’s why he didn’t waste any time coming to Lottery headquarters to claim the prize first thing Monday morning. The father of a 5-year-old and 12-year-old, he plans to use the winnings to pay off bills and maybe take his family to Walt Disney World.

$50,000 Windfall Enables Café Operators to Make Their Move

October 18th, 2016
$50K Neon X10 Kmiaha_webChef Abdul Kmaiha and wife Maria Almeida celebrate winning $50,000 on a Neon x10 scratch-off.

Top prize win will help couple open new Lebanese kitchen

Until a few days ago, the married couple who operate the Lebanese kitchen at the New Deal Café in Greenbelt were uncertain about their culinary future. But a $50,000 Maryland Lottery prize is helping to solidify their plans.

Chef Abdul Kmaiha and Maria Almeida have been running the kitchen and serving up tasty fare for nearly nine years at the New Deal Café, a consumer cooperative located in Greenbelt’s historic Roosevelt Center. While the New Deal, which opened in December 1995, will continue operations, Abdul and Maria are in the process of moving on to a new venture. The Rockville couple have been hoping to establish a new restaurant, but they have been concerned about the costs.

“A commercial kitchen is a lot of money,” Maria said.

But their plans began to take shape when Abdul made a series of lucky Maryland Lottery scratch-off purchases. His last lucky Neon x10 scratch-off gave the couple a $50,000 top prize that will allow them to cook up Mediterranean dishes at a new location.

The excitement began when the 64-year-old purchased his first Neon x10 scratch-off at Center Way Mini Mart in Greenbelt. He had a bit of luck and won $5, enough to play again. His second Neon x10 game delivered a $50 prize, enough to pocket part of the prize and purchase two more instant tickets. On this final round, Abdul revealed a 10x symbol and a $5,000 prize, winning $50,000.

He waited for a slow day at the café to tell Maria. The happy husband fished the ticket out and asked her, with a wide smile, if she knew what it meant. The rest is history!

Abdul graduated from a Beirut culinary school and used his talents to travel. He emigrated to the United States nearly 20 years ago and worked as a private chef in the Washington, D.C. metro area. The couple works side by side at the café, with Abdul specializing in Mediterranean entrees and Almeida focusing on desserts.

Players can turn their focus to the lucky store to see if they, too, can find a top-prize win. Center Way Mini Mart located at 109 Centerway Road in in Greenbelt will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the last top-prize instant ticket in the $5 game.

Multi-Match Detailed Results Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17th, 2016
Multi-Match Detailed Results
Monday, October 17, 2016
5 of 6 ($1,000) 10
4 of 6 ($20) 524
3 of 6 ($2) 8,435
Number of Winners Matching on Multiple Lines
10+ of 18 ($2,000) 0
9 of 18 ($500) 10
8 of 18 ($100) 63
 7 of 18 ($20) 364
6 of 18 ($7) 1,884
5 of 18 ($2) 6,568
Jackpot Winner No
Amount Won n/a
Cash Option n/A
Next Drawing Thursday ,  October 20, 2016
Jackpot Amount $750,000
Cash Option $375,000


Cash4Life Detailed Results – 10/17/16

October 17th, 2016


Cash4Life Detailed Results
Monday, October 17
04-16-35-37-55  / 04
Match CashBall Winners Prize Amounts Number of Winners in MD
5 1 0 $1,000 a day for life 0
5 0 0 $1,000 a week for life 0
4 1  28 $2,500 1
4 0 44 $500 4
3 1 725 $100 54
3 0 2,078 $25 124
2 1 13,189 $10 917
2 0 36,637 $4 2,653
1 1 88,429 $2 6,265
TOTAL 141,130 10,018
Top Prize Winner NO
Next Drawing Thursday 10/20/16