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Powerball Detailed Results 06/03/2017

June 4th, 2017


Powerball Detailed Results
Saturday, June 3
Match PB Winners Prize Amounts Number of Winners in MD Power Play Winners In MD
5 1 0 Jackpot 0
5 0 4 $1,000,000 0 0
4 1 41 $50,000 0 0
4 0 1,226 $100 31 3
3 1 2,829 $100 72 9
3 0 74,794 $7 1,694 204
2 1 57,103 $7 1,353 136
1 1 416,808 $4 9,884 993
0 1 961,977 $4 22,988 2,218
TOTAL 1,514,782  36,022 3,563
Jackpot Winner NO
Jackpot Amount
Cash Option
Next Drawing Wednesday 06/07/17
Jackpot Amount $375,000,000
Cash Option $235,400,000

Mega Millions Detailed Results – 06/02/2017

June 3rd, 2017


Mega Millions Detailed Results
Friday, June 2
07-42-57-69-72 – 10
Megaplier x3
Match Mega Ball Total Winners Prize Amount Number of Winners in MD Total Number of Megaplier Winners In MD
5 1 0 Jackpot 0
5 0 0 $1,000,000 0 0
4 1 20 $5,000 0 0
4 0 315 $500 12 2
3 1 1,436 $50 39 4
2 1 18,820 $5 574 62
3 0 31,978 $5 973 89
1 1 288,642 $2 8,928 932
0 1 795,674 $1 24,810 2,553
TOTAL 1,136,885 35,336 3,642
Jackpot Winner  NO
Jackpot Amount
Cash Option
Next Drawing Tuesday  06/06/17
Jackpot Amount $80,000,000
Cash Option  $50,200,000

Weekly Stop Leads to $10,000 Lottery Win for Westminster Man

June 2nd, 2017
Sam Leister of Westminster found his $10,000 fortune on a Your Fortune scratch-off!

Finds his fortune playing Your Fortune scratch-off

When Sam Leister stops at the Jiffy Mart in Hampstead almost every weekend, he typically purchases Maryland Lottery instant tickets. The Westminster resident scratches them off in the store. His visit last Saturday ended differently than usual because he left with a $10,000 winning Your Fortune ticket.

All 20 numbers on Sam’s $10 ticket matched, so he had quite a bit of calculating to determine his total prize.

“When I started adding up all the prize amounts, I thought I won $5,000,” said the 49-year-old Carroll County man. “Once I passed the $5,000 mark when adding them up, I knew it was going to be $10,000.”

Sam, who kept the ticket on his counter at home while waiting to make the trip to Lottery headquarters, plans to pay bills with his winnings.

The Your Fortune game still has four $100,000 top prizes and five $10,000 prizes remaining. In addition, hundreds of thousands of prizes between $10 and $1,000 are also still available.

Sam’s lucky Jiffy Mart store is located at 1155 S. Main St. in Hampstead.

Borrowed Keno Numbers Give Lottery Friends a $50,000 Win

June 2nd, 2017

Columbia man claims his prize

The friendship and camaraderie a Columbia man finds playing Keno twice a week keeps him coming back for more, the 52-year-old player told Maryland Lottery officials. Winning a $50,000 prize helps, too!

“My buddies and I, six or seven of us, get together a couple of times each week at different stores to play Keno,” he said. “We cheer on each other’s numbers and celebrate the wins.”

Such was the case in early April. After a run of bad luck, the Howard County resident asked his friend to lend him some Keno numbers for a 7-spot bet. “He said, ‘Sure,’ and showed me the seven numbers he was playing for the next game,” the player said.

Those numbers were 3, 6, 12, 16, 17, 22 and 26; our lucky winner added the Super Bonus feature to the ticket, too, which wound up giving his prize a 4x multiplier.

Several minutes later, as their Keno game began, our winner heard his friend catch his breath. “Our first five numbers had appeared, which meant a nice prize,” he said. “That’s when I began staring at the screen.” Before long, the sixth number popped up and the group became very quiet. All eyes were on the Keno monitor.

“It took until the last number for our 26 to show up,” the happy player said. “We both stood up and did the Rocky pose, arms up in victory.”

The winner plans to pay bills with his prize and may take a trip to Las Vegas. He and his friend found their Keno luck at the Quick Save Mart at 524 Defense Highway in Annapolis.

The lucky Lottery retailer wins, too. For selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more, the store receives a bonus equal to 1 percent of the prize – $500!

Multi-Match Detailed Results Thursday, June 1 , 2017

June 1st, 2017
Multi-Match Detailed Results
Thursday, June 1 , 2017
5 of 6 ($1,000) 11
4 of 6 ($20) 582
3 of 6 ($2) 8,898
Number of Winners Matching on Multiple Lines
10+ of 18 ($2,000) 2
9 of 18 ($500) 7
8 of 18 ($100) 71
 7 of 18 ($20) 463
6 of 18 ($7) 1,979
5 of 18 ($2) 6,976
Jackpot Winner NO
Amount Won N/A
Cash Option N/A
Next Drawing Monday, June 05, 2017
Jackpot Amount $750,000
Cash Option $375,000


Cash4Life Detailed Results 06/01/2017

June 1st, 2017


Cash4Life Detailed Results
Thursday, June 1
05-09-46-55-58  / 04
Match CashBall Winners Prize Amounts Number of Winners in MD
5 1 0 $1,000 a day for life 0
5 0 0 $1,000 a week for life 0
4 1 26 $2,500 1
4 0 35 $500 1
3 1 864 $100 45
3 0 2,491 $25 142
2 1 16,300 $10 847
2 0 47,650 $4 2,394
1 1 107,532 $2 5,472
TOTAL 174,898 8,902
Top Prize Winner NO
Next Drawing Monday 06/5/17

Retiree Experiences ‘Lottery Lift’ with $50,000 Scratch-off Win

June 1st, 2017

Baltimore man finds luck with 50x The Cash game.

Baltimore resident Abdul Jaffar just experienced the exhilaration that comes with having the Maryland Lottery turn an ordinary supermarket trip into an extraordinary one. Listening to a fellow player’s suggestion helped him bag a $50,000 winning 50x The Cash scratch-off.

Challenging medical issues have made 2017 a trying year for the 62-year-old retired social worker. When a Lottery player at Food Lion #1653 in Baltimore told Abdul he looked lucky, the city resident wasn’t sure what to make of the comment. The woman then suggested he try his luck on a scratch-off instead of his normal Pick 3 or Pick 4 games.

Abdul selected a $10 50x The Cash scratch-off and the fun began. He revealed a 50x symbol and a $1,000 prize, turning his day into a $50,000 winner. The excitement of the win lifted his spirits and reminded him just how lucky he really is. “I’m just happy to be here,” he said. “This just goes to show that you can’t keep a good man down.”

The lucky player plans to use his prize to focus on things that improve his life like family, traveling and creature comforts. “I’d like to get a really comfy bed and visit my son in Hawaii,” Abdul said.

Could his lucky supermarket have another winning scratch-off waiting for a lucky player? Find out by visiting Food Lion #1653 at 1565 Hyde Park Road in Essex.

The 50x The Cash game has plenty of prizes remaining. Players can look for four unclaimed $100,000 top prizes, six $50,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $10 to $1,000. A member of the Lottery’s multiplier family of scratch-off games, the 50x The Cash game is joined by 5x The Cash, 10x The Cash, 20x The Cash and 100x The Cash scratch-offs.

Rainy Day Pours Lottery Cash on Parkton Keno Player

June 1st, 2017

This “Keno King” from Parkton took shelter from the rain and was showered, instead, with a $12,004 Keno prize!

Lucky man wins $12,004 on 6-spot bet

A Parkton man seeking shelter from the rain couldn’t escape a downpour of a different kind. In addition to the shower he received from Mother Nature, this lucky Keno player was drenched in cash by Lady Luck.

The 59-year-old began his trip to a $12,004 Keno win by riding his motorcycle to work. The big winner, who works in property management, didn’t realize rain was in the forecast. On his ride home, the sky opened up and poured down on him.

“I was soaked,” he said. “To get out of the rain, I stopped to grab something to drink and to play my favorite game, Keno. I have regular numbers that I’ve been playing for years.”

The Baltimore County resident stopped at The Towne Tavern & Spirits in Cockeysville and played his numbers – 13, 14, 15, 33, 34 and 67. The single father of four adult children placed a 6-spot bet for 10 draws and added the game’s Super Bonus feature to his wager. He settled in with a beverage and watched the Keno monitor as his games played out.

The “Keno King,” as he dubbed himself for his Lottery winner’s photo, sat staring in disbelief as his numbers appeared on the screen. Then, he realized the multiplier for his winning game was 12x the regular prize.

“I told the lady sitting beside me that if that 67 comes out, I’ll win $12,000,” he said, smiling. Sure enough, that 67 was the last number to appear and showered the “Keno King” with a big $12,004 Keno prize.

The happy dad could not contain his excitement and those around him at The Towne Tavern were all very happy for him. Shortly after the Keno storm hit, the lucky player went home and hid his ticket. Apparently, Lady Luck was still with the “Keno King” because a trip to Hollywood Casino in Perryville later that night landed him an additional $1,900.

It took “Keno King” a week to get his paperwork together so he could claim the prize. Each day, he checked to make sure his ticket was still safe. He plans to put his prize in the bank and hope for another rainy day. “To think, if it wasn’t raining, I would not have stopped,” he said.

Also a winner is his lucky retailer located at 10257 York Road. For selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more, The Towne Tavern & Spirits will receive a $120 bonus from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.

Powerball Detailed Results – 05/31/2017

June 1st, 2017


Powerball Detailed Results
Wednesday, May 31
Match PB Winners Prize Amounts Number of Winners in MD Power Play Winners In MD
5 1 0 Jackpot 0
5 0 0 $1,000,000 0 0
4 1 25 $50,000 0 0
4 0 751 $100 18 1
3 1 2,040 $100 41 4
3 0 50,387 $7 1,207 109
2 1 41,897 $7 1,004 97
1 1 336,123 $4 8,244 876
0 1 809,888 $4 19,224 1,947
TOTAL 1,241,111 29,738 3,034
Jackpot Winner NO
Jackpot Amount
Cash Option
Next Drawing Saturday 06/03/17
Jackpot Amount $337,000,000
Cash Option $209,100,000

Scratch-off Winner ‘Weak in the Knees’ After Seeing $10,000 Prize

May 31st, 2017

Jimmy Nye of Hagerstown found a $10,000 prize on $1,000 Frenzy scratch-off.

Finds his fortune playing $1,000 Frenzy scratch-off

A Hagerstown management consultant followed the Maryland Lottery’s slogan for its new Frenzy family of scratch-offs to the letter, getting “caught in the frenzy” and weak in the knees after a $10,000 win.

The $1,000 Frenzy scratch-off gave Jimmy Nye a great morning surprise!

The self-described creature of habit found his fortune by following his morning routine. The 72-year-old stopped at 7-Eleven #23882 on Dual Highway in Hagerstown during his morning commute to buy a hot cup of java and a few scratch-offs.

“I figured I’d scratch my tickets right there in the store,” Jimmy said. “As I started scratching the first row, I noticed that it instantly showed that I was a winner. Initially, I thought I had only won a few hundred bucks. As I got to the second row, I was floored when I only saw $1,000 increments matching my number. That’s when I got weak in the knees.”

After he recovered from the shock and regained his footing and composure, Jimmy asked the clerk to scan his winning $1,000 Frenzy instant ticket to check the size of the prize. The scanner told him to head straight to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize.

The excited winner, who is an avid scratch-off player, said his previous Lottery prize record was $1,500. He’s also won a few $500 prizes over the years. The happy man plans to put some of his winnings into his savings account and use another portion to help pay for his daughter’s upcoming wedding.

The $1,000 Frenzy scratch-off has six unclaimed $100,000 top prizes, along with 11 $20,000 prizes and 19 more $10,000 prizes. The game is a member of the Frenzy family of scratch-offs. Get caught in the frenzy and check out the $1 $50 Frenzy, $2 $100 Frenzy and $5 $500 Frenzy instant tickets!