Dundalk Couple Takes Home Second Big Lottery Win in One Week [VIDEO]

April 2nd, 2014

Claims $100,000 Playing Winner’s Luck and $10,000 Playing Club Casino Scratch-offs

Michelle and Dean Fowler of Dundalk are going to require permanent parking spaces at Maryland Lottery headquarters if they keep finding big scratch-off winners! While celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary last Saturday, Michelle purchased four scratch-offs hoping to repeat their luck from earlier in the week when she and her husband won $100,000 playing a Winner’s Luck scratch-off. Her optimism paid off when they uncovered a $10,000 prize on the Club Casino scratch-off!

Michelle, who is a state employee, told Lottery officials that she wasn’t certain how much she had won after scratching off the $10 Club Casino ticket. “I’m not the best scratch-off player, so I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at it,” Michelle said.

Dean, who regularly buys scratch-offs, knew as soon as his wife uncovered two $1,000 prizes on the ticket that they had won $10,000. “I knew it wasn’t a top prize, so I figured it was worth $10,000,” he said.

Few players can boast of winning multiple large Lottery prizes within the same week. A double win during the week of April Fools’ Day doesn’t help make their situation believable, either. “When I called in to work this morning to tell them I would be late, they didn’t believe me!” shared Michelle, “I mean, how does this happen? It’s incredible.”

They are hoping that Lady Luck will strike one more time. “Good things always come in threes, right?” Michelle joked.

The Fowlers have already enjoyed the benefits from their first win. The pair told Lottery officials that they had paid off all of their bills and ordered a new air conditioning unit and a furnace. Dean, who owns a roofing company, said the first win was definitely helpful because his business slowed down during the harsh winter weather. The family also picked out a suit for their son to wear to his prom in two weeks.

“When we told our son that we had won again, it didn’t really faze him,” Michelle said.

“It’s like old news,” Dean said, laughing.

The Fowlers found their luck at the Royal Farms #102 located at 10740 Pulaski Highway in White Marsh.

Michelle and Dean Fowler - Club Casino_web
Michelle and Dean Fowler of Dundalk can’t believe they won two big Maryland Lottery scratch-off prizes in one week. Their double wins of $10,000 and $100,000 have the pair hoping that good things really do come in threes!

Bookkeeper Finds Luck with Numbered Lottery Scratch-off

April 2nd, 2014

Glen Burnie Woman Claims $100,000 Top Prize on Sparkling 7s Scratch-off

142-Sparking-7s-ITVMAn Anne Arundel County bookkeeper who makes her living working with numbers found the digits 6 and 7 especially lucky in March. The Maryland Lottery scratch-off player bought six of the new Sparkling 7s scratch-offs and came away a $100,000 winner!

She scratched each of the $10 tickets at home and discovered one $80 winner in the mix. Following her routine, she took all of the tickets back to the retailer to scan for winners just in case she had missed something on the new ticket, which just launched March 24. Double-checking the tickets certainly paid off – she had a top-prize winning scratch-off ticket in hand!

“When I realized how much I won, I couldn’t breathe,” our winner told Lottery officials when she claimed her prize. Once she regained her composure, the married mother of two called her children to share the amazing news. The 55-year-old was so excited that she went next to her husband’s job to deliver the news in person. When she showed him the winning ticket, her husband at first thought she’d won $1,000. Then, he did a double take and realized that he missed a few important zeroes!

Our winner said she plans to spend her prize on her loving husband. Married for 36 years, the couple has an extended family that includes three grandchildren. “My husband always helps everyone, now it’s his turn to receive,” she said. The wife plans to have his Harley Davidson motorcycle repaired, for example, and they will enjoy time in their favorite vacation hideaway at Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County.

Our winner found her lucky ticket at the Royal Farms located at 200 Oak Manor Drive in Glen Burnie.

Mega Millions Detailed Results – 04/01/14

April 2nd, 2014
Mega Millions Detailed Results
Tuesday, April 1
10-23-68-74-75- 09
Megaplier x5
Match Mega Ball Total Winners Prize Amount Number of Winners in MD Total Number of Megaplier Winners In MD
5 1 0 Jackpot  0  0
5 0 3 $1,000,000 0 0
4 1 11 $5,000 0 0
4 0 262 $500 12 0
3 1 1,362 $50 57 8
2 1 18,816 $5 687 73
3 0 33,074 $5 1,233 99
1 1 304,154 $2 11,277 956
0 1 845,487 $1 30,532 2,594
TOTAL 1,203,169 43,798 3,730
Jackpot Winner  NO
Jackpot Amount
Cash Option
Next Drawing Fri. 04/04/14
Jackpot Amount $30,000,000
Cash Option $16,600,000

Lady Luck Strikes in La Plata Again

April 1st, 2014
Troy and Saundra Heard - Orioles_web

Lucky winners Saundra Heard and her husband Troy were ecstatic to find a $60,000 Orioles scratch-off winner in their hometown of La Plata.

Couple Claim First Top Prize on Maryland Lottery’s Orioles Scratch-Off

Troy and Saundra Heard of La Plata may not be the newest Mega Millions winners, but they certainly have a reason to celebrate. La Plata is not only home to one of the two winning tickets sold in the $414 million Mega Millions jackpot but also to the first lucky winners of the $60,000 top prize on the new Orioles scratch-off.

The Charles County residents’ luck started when Saundra decided to buy four of the Orioles scratch-offs Monday night following an unsuccessful trip to a casino. “We didn’t have much luck at the casino the other night, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try a few scratch-offs,” she said.

Although not a big baseball fan, Saundra went straight for the orange and black Orioles tickets at her local Lottery retailer because she knew there were six, $60,000 top-prize tickets available. Later, after Saundra returned from running errands, she split the four tickets with her husband. “He always gets the first and last tickets to scratch,” she said. “Neither of the tickets I scratched were winners.”

The very last $5 ticket that Troy scratched revealed the $60,000 top prize. “We couldn’t believe it!” he said, laughing. “We were just dancing around and I took the ticket away from Saundra because I was afraid she would damage it. We put it under our TV for safekeeping.”

The couple and their young son celebrated the win together before calling friends with the good news. “I called my girlfriends and they didn’t believe me. I had to send pictures of the ticket to prove it wasn’t an April Fools’ Day joke,” Saundra said, laughing.

The winnings will go toward the house the couple purchased a year ago. “We’ve been renovating our basement, so we’ll put it towards that project,” Troy shared.

Lady Luck found the Heards at ABC Liquors located at 22741 Three Notch Road in California, Md.

There are still five remaining top prizes on the Orioles scratch-off ticket, which launched March 24. Additionally, players can enter non-winning tickets on My Lottery Rewards for the chance to win great second-chance prizes on the Orioles scratch-off such as fan of the game, a trip to watch the Orioles play the Cubs in Chicago or to a game in the 2014 World Series. For more information visit orioles.mdlottery.com.

Detailed Multi Match Results – 3/31/2014

March 31st, 2014
Multi-Match Detailed Results
Monday, March 31, 2014
5 of 6 ($1,000)  10
4 of 6 ($20) 693
3 of 6 ($2) 10,691
Number of Winners Matching on Multiple Lines
10+ of 18 ($2,000) 1
9 of 18 ($500) 8
8 of 18 ($100) 93
7 of 18 ($20) 508
6 of 18 ($7) 2,435
5 of 18 ($2) 8,257
Jackpot Winner no
Amount Won n/a
Cash Option n/a
Next Drawing Thursday, 4/3/2014
Jackpot Amount $700,000
Cash Option $450,000

Lucky Grandmother Wins $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Top Prize

March 31st, 2014

Lottery Win Will Go Toward Upcoming Trip to Africa

When the scanner at a Maryland Lottery retailer directed a Laurel woman to take her Bonus Match 5 ticket to Lottery headquarters, the happy winner figured she’d won a “decent” prize. She sure had! Her numbers in the Thursday, March 20 drawing won the game’s top prize of $50,000!

The lucky woman’s adult daughter, who accompanied her to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, said they had even tried to cash the ticket at an Agent Plus retailer before coming to the city. These retailers can redeem winning tickets up to $5,000.

“The eyes of the woman working at the store got big when she scanned the ticket before she handed it back to my mom and said it was worth $50,000,” the daughter said, laughing.

Her mom told Lottery officials that she hid the ticket in her bible for safekeeping until she could claim her prize. “It’s been in there all weekend,” she said.

The grandmother-of-one already had a trip planned to Africa and plans to enjoy spending the money during her travels. “I’ve had the trip back home planned for a while,” she said. “It will be nice to have a little more money while I’m visiting.”

Lady luck struck at the New Hampshire Avenue Liquors located at 6501 New Hampshire Ave. in Takoma Park.

Lottery Update – April 2014 [VIDEO]

March 31st, 2014

Watch Roslyn Lane of the Maryland Lottery as she gives the latest Lottery Update on WBAL-TV.

This month’s segment covers:

My Lottery Rewards: Earn 3x the Rewards Points on $3 Scratch-offs

March 31st, 2014
$3 Multiplier

We’re back with another My Lottery Rewards promotion! Earn TRIPLE the rewards points now through May 11th when entering any non-winning $3 scratch-offs. All current $3 tickets are eligible.

Not a My Lottery Rewards member? Sign up now and start earning Points for Prizes and Drawings, as well as enter second chance opportunities like Monopoly and Orioles.

Eligible $3 tickets:
24 Karat Cash
Bonus 3s
Fire & Ice Multiplier
Fruit Twist Crossword
Hearts are Wild Tripler
I Heart Crossword
Money Vault (launches 4/28)
Prize Line Bingo
Rack up the Cash
Tech the Halls
Twisted Treasures

Tax Prep + Maryland Lottery Scratch-off = $50,000

March 31st, 2014
Cynthia Barnes - Red Hot Riches_webCynthia Barnes (right) of Frederick and her sister Shauna Barnes celebrate Cynthia’s $50,000 win on the Maryland Lottery Red Hot Riches scratch-off.

Frederick Resident Claims Top Prize on Red Hot Riches Scratch-off

Cynthia Barnes of Frederick never figured that taking a break from crunching numbers for her 2013 income taxes could put $50,000 in her pocket!

She can thank her sister’s good taste for her good fortune. Shauna Barnes picked out a $5 Maryland Lottery Red Hot Riches ticket for Cynthia when the beleaguered sister suggested needing a scratch-off break from her tax prep.

With the scratch-off in hand, Cynthia cleared the game numbers. The 58-year-old told Lottery officials that she chanted the top-prize amount in a singsong voice up until the moment she uncovered the prize.

“I was literally speechless,” she said. The Frederick County resident called her sister over to confirm that she had actually just won the game’s top-prize of $50,000. Our happy winner spent the rest of the night calling friends and adjusting to the shock.

A senior computer operator with Visa, Cheryl plans to use the winnings to pay off her car, help with her upcoming moving costs and to treat her sister. The lucky ticket came from Goshen Plaza Beer & Wine at 9150 Rothsbury Drive in Gaithersburg. There are five $50,000 top prizes remaining on this scratch-off and 10 $5,000 second-tier prizes.

Bonus Match 5 Doubler – Now through May 4

March 31st, 2014
bm5 post

Now through May 4 you’ll have the chance to DOUBLE your prizes with Bonus Match 5. Doublers will be applied to the top prize of $50,000, giving you a chance to win a whopping $100,000! Taxes will also be paid on top-tier prizes of $50,000 and $100,000 prizes.

How to Double Your Winnings:

Look for the “Doubler!” message on the top of select Bonus Match 5 tickets: “Congratulations! Any prizes won on this ticket will be DOUBLED. Good Luck!”

Bonus Match 5 Doubler